About Us

What you need to know!


Brainspec Publishing Company as the name implies, is a body established with the aim of publishing books (of any form) for authors and also ensuring the availability of same to readers, students and the public at large. Brainspec is one of the best offset printing companies in Akwa Ibom State, with innovations, and experts whose enthusiasm ensure quality production and other services at all time. Our online platform serves as an African e-book store where both readers and authors can find old and new African books to explore. We also offer print on demands to authors on relatively low costs.


Many reasons resulted in the establishment of Brainspec Publishing Company. One of such reasons (and most important of all) was the high cost of books publication. When we realized that authors have to gather huge sum of money before they could afford to publish their books, coupled with the unpredictable economic situation in Africa, the thought of creating a succour for them became a necessity. As the resultant effect of the authors’ inability to meet the publication costs, their interest in writing began to wane; and it became a realisation that African knowledge that should have been vested in books by seasoned intellectuals was getting lost since they (authors and writers) had no platform where they and their books could be projected for posterity, future generations then may no longer have access to, or get to know some books written by seasoned African intellectuals. With all these in mind, Mr Kufre Paul established Brainspec Publishing Company in 2018 with the aim of ameliorating the authors' and writers’ book publishing experience especially as it relates to cost and sustainable storage of such books over a long period.

We are uniquely positioned to support and promote African authors and writers to enable them make money from their intellectual property, and also to help readers with their choice book(s) of over 50 years old and current, from African authors in any country.

Our partners in different African countries and diaspora have been real poise to us in serving over 15,000 authors. We are still open to partnerships.